Saturday, October 22, 2011

My Google Sites Story

K8OMS is my amateur radio call. I first became licensed in 1958. I became interested in Google Sites when I created a site for our new amateur radio digital repeater system. The call of the repeater is W8SHI.  The site is at  I have other sites here and here.

I have been involved with creating and maintaining websites for a long time. I don't consider myself an expert but I keep learning. I had never purchased my own domain name but after creating a Google Site I decided to try it. As I often do I looked to see if there was a help forum for sites and when I found it I started reading the posts. I found all of the information I needed by reading the answers from contributors like Steegle. After getting the domain up and running I kept visiting the forum and noticed people were asking the same questions over and over, like "Why is my new website not in Google Search?".  So I started answering questions and then got recommended to be a "Top Contributor". Mostly I just repeat what I have learned from Steegle, BCJ19, Philridout and others, and I often get in over my head and have to ask one of them for help.  But it is fun!

 Other Sites I Am Involved With
 Michigan 600 Bowling Tournament  Owosso Musicale  Shiawassee Arts Center

And Shiawassee Regional Chamber I helped design and build their first site. It has gone through many changes since then and is presently created through a CMS system called Weblink.

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